Adversus is a project which focuses on a well-balanced mixture of acoustic and electronic sounds. The lyrics are in German, and all the music is composed by the band leader, Thorsten Schneyer. The debut CD was released in April of this year and received very good reviews in German folk and gothic magazines.

Adelante is an international band playing and enjoying their own Latino music, which reflects Mediterranean culture, joy of life, and romance.

Press coverage in "Rheinzeitung" describes the band's music: “... this is pure musical delight, with contagious ease and unrestrained temperament. Music to dance to and be happy, but also to listen, dream and forget.”

The bagpipe complements the band's musical range, and integrates marvellously in its global concept.

Qntal is a sideproject of Syrah, Michael Popp (both Estampie – see Bands) and Fil Groth. The band combines medieval lyrics and tunes with contemporary sounds and beats. The clear voice of Syrah, alias Sigrid Hausen, gives Qntal a very special and vision-like touch.

Vijay Kangutkar
Vijay Kangutkar, Glasgow’s own Tablamaster, and myself are experimenting with two seemingly completely different instruments and cultures: The pipes and the tabla, Scotland and India. Audio files of some of our first attempts can be found here.