I have been teaching Scottish Bagpipes for over five years and during this time have devoped my own teaching method.

My general aim is for the student to master a half-closed fingering with which the Great Highland Bagpipe, Borderpipe and Scottish Smallpipe can be played.

Each student is free to develop individually. There are no strict rules, instead, individual advice is offered which each student can put into practice in their own way.

It is considered very important not to overstrain the student, and to only start with new ideas if everything learnt so far has been completely understood and internalised. The student's creativity is challenged and developed by using problem solving and adapting new techniques.

In the beginning of bagpipe study, almost all excersises will be done with the Practice Chanter. The Great Highland Bagpipe and the Scottish Smallpipes will be used occasionally, but later on they will become integral parts of the tuition.